Falcon LogScale 1.82.2 Stable (2023-06-22)

VersionTypeRelease DateAvailabilityEnd of SupportSecurity UpdatesUpgrades FromJDK CompatibilityReq. Data MigrationConfig. Changes
1.82.2Stable2023-06-22Cloud, On-Prem2024-04-12No1.44.011NoNo
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Download: https://repo.humio.com/repository/maven-releases/com/humio/server/1.82.2/server-1.82.2.tar.gz

Security fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • Security

    • Verified that LogScale does not use the affected Akka dependency component in CVE-2023-31442 by default, and have taken additional precautions to notify customers.


      • LogScale Cloud/Falcon Long Term Repository:

        • This CVE does not impact LogScale Cloud or LTR customers.

      • LogScale Self-Hosted:

        • Exposure to risk:

          • Potential risk is only present if a self hosted customer has modified the Akka parameters to a non default value of akka.io.dns.resolver = async-dns during initial setup.

          • By default LogScale does not use this configuration parameter.

          • CrowdStrike has never recommended custom Akka parameters. We recommend using default values for all parameters.

        • Steps to mitigate:

          • Setting akka.io.dns.resolver to default value (inet-address) will mitigate the potential risk.

        • On versions older than 1.92.0:

          • Unset the custom Akka configuration. Refer to Akka documentation for more information on how to unset or pass a different value to the parameter here.

          • CrowdStrike recommends upgrading LogScale to 1.92.x or higher versions.