Humio Server 1.0.49 Archive (2018-02-21)

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Regular update release.

New features and improvements

  • Summary

    • Show Widget Queries on Dashboards. You can toggle displaying the queries that drive the widgets by clicking the "Code" button on dashboards. This makes it easier to write filters because you can peek at what fields are being used in your widgets.

    • Dashboard Filters. Dashboard Filters allow you to filter the data set across all widgets in a dashboard. This effectively means that you can use dashboards for drill-down and reuse dashboards with several configurations. Currently filters support writing filter expressions that are applied as prefixes to all your widgets' queries. We plan to extend this to support more complex parameterized set-ups soon - but for now, prefixing is a powerful tool that is adequate for most scenarios. Filters can be named and saved so you can quickly jump from e.g. Production Data to Data from your Staging Environment. You can also mark a filter as "Default". This means that the filter will automatically be applied when opening a dashboard.

    • Better URL handling in dashboards. The URL of a dashboard now includes more information about the current state or the UI. This means you can copy the URL and share it with others to link directly to what you are looking at. This includes dashboard time, active dashboard filter, and fullscreen parameters. This will make it easy to have wall monitors show the same dashboard but with different filters applied, and allow you to send links when you have changed the dashboard search interval.

Fixed in this release

  • Summary

    • Improvements to the query optimizer. Data source selection (choosing which data files to scan from disk) can now deal with more complex tag expressions. For instance, now queries involving OR, such as #tag1=foo OR #tag2=bar are now processed more efficiently. The query analyzer is also able to identify #tag=value elements everywhere in the query, not only in the beginning of the query.

    • Improvement: Better handling of reconnecting dashboards when updating a Humio instance.

    • Configure when Humio stops updating live queries (queries on dashboards) that are not viewed (not polled). This is now possible with the config option IDLE_POLL_TIME_BEFORE_LIVE_QUERY_IS_CANCELLED_MINUTES. Default is 1 hour.

    • Improvement: Better and faster query input field. We are using a new query input field where you should experience less "input lag" when writing queries. At the same time, syntax highlight has been tweaked, and while still not supporting some things like array notation, it is better than previous versions.

    • New alt language construct. This allows alternatives similar to case or cond in other languages. With:

      ... | alt { <query>;
      <query>; ...; * } | ...

      Every event passing through will be tried to the alternatives in order until one emits an event. If you add ; * in the end, events will pass through unchanged even if no other queries match. Aggregate operators are not allowed in the alternative branches.

    • Clock on Dashboards. Making it easier to know what time/timezone Humio is displaying result for.

    • New eval syntax. As a shorthand for ... | eval(foo=expr) | ... you can now write ... | foo :=expr | .... Also, on the left hand side in an eval, you can write att := expr, which assigns the field that is the current value of att.