The enabledFeatures() GraphQL query will returns all of the enabled features for the requester.

For more information on enabling and disabling features, see the Enabling & Disabling Feature Flags reference page.


Below is the syntax for the enabledFeatures() query field:

enabledFeatures: [FeatureFlag!]!

Given Datatypes

For the given datatype, FeatureFlag, there are several parameters that may be given. Below is a list of them along with their datatypes and a description of each:

Table: FeatureFlag

ExportToBucketboolean  Export data to bucket storage.
RepeatingQueriesboolean  Whether the queries are repeating.
CustomIngestTokensboolean  Enable custom ingest tokens not generated by LogScale.
PermissionTokensboolean  Enable permission tokens.
DefaultRolesForGroupsboolean  Assign default roles for groups.
NewOrganizationLimitsboolean  Use new organization limits.
SocialLoginSettingsUserSettings  Social login settings for denying access through social identity providers (see UserSettings Table).
CookieAuthServerSidedatetime  Authenticate cookies server-side.
ArrayFunctionsboolean  Enable ArrayFunctions in query language.
GeographyFunctionsboolean  Enable geography functions in query language.
RollingRestartboolean  Enable rolling restart of LogScale.
CachePoliciesboolean  Prioritize newer over older segments.
MultiClusterSearchboolean  Enable searching across LogScale clusters.
SubdomainForOrganizationsboolean  Enable subdomains for current cluster.
ManagedRepositoriesboolean  Enable LogScale Managed repositories. The customer is not permitted to change certain configurations in a LogScale Managed repository.
ManagedRepositoriesAllowFDRConfigboolean  Allow users to configure FDR feeds for managed repositories.
FleetRemoteConfigurationboolean  Fleet remote configuration features.
FleetRemoteConfigurationTestboolean  Enable functionality related to test of fleet configurations.
FleetManagementboolean  Enabling experimental functionality is strongly discouraged and can lead to LogScale ending up in a bad state beyond repair.] Fleet management features.
FleetPoliciesboolean  Enables fleet management configuration policies.
FleetCollectorMetricsboolean  Enables fleet management collector metrics.
FleetLiveQueriesboolean  Use live queries in fleet management.
FleetCollectorDebugLoggingboolean  Enables fleet management collector debug logging".
UsagePageUsingIngestAfterFieldRemovalSizeboolean  The UsagePage shows data from ingestAfterFieldRemovalSize instead of segmentWriteBytes.
SleepFunctionboolean  Flag for testing, does nothing.
LoginBridgeboolean  Enable login bridge.
LogAverageUsageboolean  Enables UsageJob to log average usage as part of usage log.
PreMergeMiniSegmentsboolean  Pre-merge mini-segments.
UseNewQuerySchedulerboolean  Use the new fair-across-users query scheduler.
ExternalFunctionsboolean  External Functions.
FieldAliasingboolean  [PREVIEW: Experimental feature, can change without warning.] Field Aliasing.
RoundsBasedQueryPollingboolean  Enable experimental round based query polling functionality.
QueryAssistantboolean  [PREVIEW: Experimental feature, can change without warning.] Enable the LogScale Query Assistant.
FlightControlboolean  [PREVIEW: Experimental feature, can change without warning.] Enable Flight Control support in cluster.
OrganizationSecurityPoliciesboolean  [PREVIEW: Experimental feature, can change without warning.] Enable organization level security policies. For instance the ability to enable only certain action types.
OrganizationQueryOwnershipboolean  Enable organization query ownership that allows running queries on behalf of the organization.
ScheduledReportsboolean  Enable Scheduled Reports.
MacosInstallerForLogCollectorboolean  Enables download of macos installer for logcollector through fleet management.

[a] Some arguments may be required, as indicated in this column. For some fields, this column indicates that a result will always be returned for it.