The RegistryPackage datatype includes various settings.

Table: RegistryPackage

certifiedHumioHubPackagebooleanyes Whether the package is a LogScale Hub package. Deprecated since September 3, 2021 since it was never used. Use 'nothing' instead.
availableVersions[string]yes The versions available. Deprecated since August 21, 2021. Updated version with minHumioVersion available as well per package. Use 'versions' instead].
idVersionedPackageSpecifieryes The unique identifier of the package. This is a scalar value.
scopePackageScopeyes This datatype is just a scalar.
namePackageNameyes The name of the registry package. Its datatype is just a scalar.
versionPackageVersionyes The version of the registry package.
descriptionstring  A description of the registry package.
iconUrlUrlOrData  The URL for an icon related to the package. This is another scalar value.
authorPackageAuthoryes The author of the registry package (see PackageAuthor Table).
contributors[PackageAuthor]yes The contributors to the registry package (see PackageAuthor Table).
licenseUrlURLyes The URL where the package license can be found. This is a scalar.
minHumioVersionSemanticVersionyes The minimum version of LogScale required by the package. The datatype for this parameter is just a scalar.
readmeMarkdownyes Text for the user to read related to the package and its installation.
dashboardTemplates[DashboardTemplate]yes Dashboard templates contained in the package (see DashboardTemplate Table).
savedQueryTemplates[SavedQueryTemplate]yes The saved query templates contained in the package (see SavedQueryTemplate Table).
parserTemplates[ParserTemplate]yes The parser templates included in the package (see ParserTemplate Table).
alertTemplates[AlertTemplate]yes Alert templates provided by the package (see AlertTemplate Table).
lookupFileTemplates[LookupFileTemplate]yes Look-up file templates included in the package (see LookupFileTemplate Table).
actionTemplates[ActionTemplate]yes Action templates provided by the package (see ActionTemplate Table).
scheduledSearchTemplates[ScheduledSearchTemplate]yes Scheduled search templates included in the package (see ScheduledSearchTemplate Table).
typePackageTypeyes The type of registry package. It takes an enumerated list of values: application, or library.
versionsOnMarketplace[RegistryPackageVersionInfo]yes The available versions of the package on the marketplace (see RegistryPackageVersionInfo Table).

[a] Some arguments may be required, as indicated in this column. For some fields, this column indicates that a result will always be returned for it.