Humio Server 1.50.0 Preview (2022-08-02)

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Bug fixes and an updated dependency, released to cloud only.

Improvements, new features and functionality

  • UI Changes

    • The design of the Time Selector has been updated, and it now features an Apply button on the dashboard page. See Time Interval Settings.

    • Adds an icon and a hint to a disabled side navigation menu item that tells the user the reason for it being disabled.

    • When editing an email action in the UI and adding multiple recipients, it is now possible to add a space after the comma in the comma-separated list of recipients.

  • Documentation

    • All documentation links have been updated after the documentation site has been restructured. Please contact support, if you experience any broken links.

  • GraphQL API

    • The GQL API mutation updateDashboard has been updated to take a new argument updateFrequency which can currently only be NEVER or REALTIME, which correspond respectively to "dashboard where queries are never updated after first completion" and "dashboard where query results are updated indefinitely".

  • Dashboards and Widgets

    • Dashboards can now be configured to not update after the initial search has completed. This mode is mainly meant to be used when a dashboard is interactive and not for wall-mounted monitors that should update continually. The feature can be accessed from the Dashboard properties panel when a dashboard is put in edit-mode. See Working in Edit Mode.

  • Functions

    • Added validation to the field parameter of the top() function, so empty lists will be rejected with a meaningful error message.

    • Added validation to the field and key parameters of the join() function, so empty lists will be rejected with a meaningful error message.

    • Improved the phrasing of the warning shown when groupBy() exceeds the max or default limit.

    • Added validation to the field parameter of the kvParse() function, so empty lists will be rejected with a meaningful error message.

  • Other

    • Streaming queries that fail to validate now return a message of why validation failed.

    • Fixed an issue where query auto-completion sometimes wouldn't show the documentation for the suggested functions.

    • Added a new action type that creates a CSV file from the query result and uploads it to Humio to be used with the match() query function. See Action Type: Upload File.

    • Humio now logs digest partition assignments regularly. The logs can be found using the query class=*DigestLeadershipLoggerJob*.

Bug Fixes

  • GraphQL API

    • Fix the assets GraphQL query in organizations with views that are not 1-to-1 linked.

  • Configuration

    • Fixed an issue where validation of +/- Infinity as integer arguments would crash.

    • Fixed an issue where event forwarding still showed as beta.

  • Functions

    • Fixed an issue where join() would not produce the correct results when mode=left was set.

  • Other

    • Fixed an issue where query auto-completion would sometimes delete existing parentheses.

    • Fixed an issue where JSON parsing on ingest and in the query language was inefficient for large JSON objects.

    • Fix performance issue for users with access to many views.

    • Fix an issue that could rarely cause exceptions to be thrown from Segments.originalBytesWritten, causing noise in the log.

    • Fix an issue causing Humio to create a large number of temporary directories in the data directory.