Humio Server 1.0.59 Archive (2018-04-26)

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Regular update release.

Requires data migration and configuration changes — Auth0 changes.


Items that have been deprecated and may be removed in a future release.

  • The configuration options AUTH0_API_CLIENT_ID and AUTH0_API_CLIENT_SECRET have been deprecated in favor of AUTH0_CLIENT_ID and AUTH0_CLIENT_SECRET respectively - the old names will continue to work as aliases.

Behavior Changes

Scripts or environment which make use of these tools should be checked and updated for the new configuration:

  • Summary

    • If you are using Auth0 in your on-prem installation of Humio you must update your Auth0 Application configuration and re-configure Humio(or start using your OAuth identity provider directly). We at Humio will be happy to help. Below configuration changes are only relevant if Auth0 is used for authentication:

Fixed in this release

  • Summary

    • New convenience syntax for passing the as parameter using assignment syntax. minx := min(x) is equivalent to min(x, as=minx). This can be used at top-level | between bars |, or within [ array blocks ].

    • The parser handles left and right double quotes which can easily occur if you edit your queries in a word processor, i.e., Protocol := "UDP - 17"

    • The Auth0 configuration properties AUTH0_WEB_CLIENT_ID and AUTH0_WEB_CLIENT_SECRET have been removed. You can safely delete the associated Auth0, as Humio only requires on Auth0 Application in the future.

    • New syntax for computing multiple aggregates for example, to compute both min and max ... | [min(foo), max(foo)] | .... This syntax is shorthand for the stats() function.

    • Existing users on will need to re-authenticate the application 'humio' to use their account information.

    • Users that are authenticated through Auth0 will need to configure the PUBLIC_URL option, you must add add


      To the list of callback URLs in your Auth0 Application.

    • New convenience syntax for passing the field= parameter to a function using curly assignment syntax. ip_addr =~ cidr("") is equivalent to cidr("", field=ip_addr). This can also be used for regex i.e., name =~ regex("foo.*").

    • The configuration option AUTH0_WEB_CLIENT_ID_BASE64ENC has been remove.

    • Humio Auth0 no longer requires the grant read:users, you can safely disable that on your Auth0 Application - or just leave it.

    • New naming convention for function names is camelCase() which is now reflected in documentation and examples. Functions are matched case-insensitively, so the change is backwards compatible.

    • Humio now support authenticating with Google, GitHub and Atlassian/Bitbucket directly (see Authenticating with OAuth Protocol), without the need to go through Auth0. This is part of our GDPR efforts for our customers on, so as to avoid more third parties involved with your data than necessary.

    • Renamed the alt keyword to case. alt will still work for a few releases but is now deprecated.

    • Depending on how you set up your Auth0 application, you may need to update your Auth0 Application Type to "Regular Web Application" in the your Auth0 account, more details can be found in our Authenticating with OAuth Protocol documentation.

    • The head() function allows you to do deduplication by using groupBy([ field1, field2, ... ], function=head(1))

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