Tausight ePHI Platform (Preview)

The Tausight - LogScale integration allows the security and compliance team in a healthcare organization to discover and identify potential risks or non-compliance with HIPAA security rules for unstructured ePHI and PII data storage and usage.

This package provides a preview parser for Tausight ePHI Platform events in JSON format.

The parser normalizes data to a common schema based on an OpenTelemetry standard. This schema allows you to search the data without knowing Tausight's data specifically, and just knowing the common schema instead. It also allows you to combine the data more easily with other data sources which conform to the same schema.

Preview Status

Note that this package is considered a PREVIEW. This means we are seeking feedback on the package, and may make breaking changes to the parser in the future.

Package Contents Explained

This package is supported by Tausight. For any assistance using this package, please contact Tausight via support@tausight.com See the package readme.md for more information.