Other Log Shippers

If your favorite log shipper is not available, chances are it is still compatible or configurable enough to send data to LogScale.

LogScale supports the following APIs and tools for data ingestion:

ElasticSearch Bulk API

LogScale is compatible with the ElasticSearch bulk ingest API.

If you have a log shipper that supports the ElasticSearch Bulk API, there is a good chance that you can use this to send logs to LogScale. See the Elastic Beats documentation for an example of configuration options.

Graylog Extended Log Format (GELF)

LogScale is compatible with the Graylog Extended Log Format (GELF) using UDP or TCP as transport. Refer to Ingest Listeners to setup such a listener.

GELF over HTTP is not yet implemented.


The StatsD protocol is a great way of shipping raw metrics to LogScale from a lot of tools. Both UDP and TCP transport are supported. Currently, StatsD protocol is only supported in self-hosted installations.

The StatsD format is very simple. In its simplest form it looks something like <metricname>:<metricvalue>|<metrictype>.

Start by Creating a Parser with the following regex:

| (?<metrictype>\w+?)(\
| @(?<metricsampling>[\d\.]+?))?

And no Parse timestamp and Parse key values. Give it a name, like statsd. Next, create an Ingest Listeners with the statsd parser.

We strongly recommend using an UDP ingest listener for non-aggregated StatsD data.