ServiceNow Package

This ServiceNow package can be used to parse incoming records from ServiceNow. These records are ingested using an accompanying application for Humio, on the ServiceNow store.

With this application users are able to select tables from which to ingest data from and provide queries to filter records. The parser included is based on data collected from ServiceNow using the JSON format, but can be very easily adapted to a custom format. The package includes a sample dashboard and some saved searches for ITSM data.

Package Prerequisites

This package relies on ingesting ServiceNow GlideRecords in a JSON format. These logs are sent to Humio using the accompanying Humio Application available in the ServiceNow Store. You must install and configure this application to ingest logs to Humio.

Package Contents

The package contains the following:

  • Parser for ServiceNow records in JSON format

  • ITSM Incident Overview Dashboard

  • Saved Search for ITSM Incidents