Audit Log Event email-action.create

An email action has been created

This audit log type records operations for the following features:

Field TypeTypeAvailabilityDescription
actionIdString  ID of the individual action
actionNameString  The name of the action, for example create, delete or update
actorActorType  Actor, as defined in humio-audit Actor Structure
attachCsvOptionOption[Boolean]  Alert includes attached CSV
bodyTemplateOption[String]  Template for the body of the message
recipientsSeq[String]  List of recipients
repoIdString  ID of the repository
repoNameString  Name of the repository
sensitiveBoolean  Whether the audited event is marked sensitive
subjectTemplateOption[String]  Subject template
timestampZonedDateTime  Timestamp of the audited event
useProxyOptionOption[Boolean]  Indicates whether a proxy should be used when triggering the action