Audit Log Event alert.create

Alert has been created

This audit log type records operations for the following features:

Field TypeTypeAvailabilityDescription
actionIdsSeq[String]  List of action IDs
actorActorType  Actor, as defined in humio-audit Actor Structure
alertIdString  Alert ID
alertNameString  Name of the alert
descriptionOption[String]  Description of the entity of object
enabledBoolean  Whether the entity has been enabled or not
queryString  Query string
queryOwnershipQueryOwnershipInfo  Owner information for query
queryStartString  Duration of when the query should start
repoIdString  ID of the repository
repoNameString  Name of the repository
sensitiveBoolean  Whether the audited event is marked sensitive
throttleFieldOption[String]  Value of the throttle field
throttleTimeLong  Throttle time
timestampZonedDateTime  Timestamp of the audited event