The Humio Library

The Humio Library contains a range of different documents and content formats to provide information on installing, using and managing Humio software.

  • If you are new to Humio, you can read the Getting Started section for a primer

  • For background videos and to learn the Humio basics of Humio terminology and technology Training section

  • If you are a Cloud user, use the Cloud section

  • To install Humio, use Installing Humio

  • For Release Notes and details of the current and historic changes for all releases, see Release Notes

  • For guidance on the User Interface

  • To manage your existing Humio installation see Administration

  • For information on integrations and methods of working with other tools and Humio see Integration List

  • Help on the Humio Package system Packages

Different sections of the library cover different aspects of the product usage. The core Documentation is available according to release version. The link below will take you to the current release documentation. For older releases and preview releases, use the version links at the bottom of this page.

The Knowledge Base, Training, Reference, FAQ and Notices sections are common to all versions of Humio. You can also search the entire library using the box at the top-right.

Guidance on installing, configuring, using, and managing your Humio installation

Troubleshooting and Best Practices Articles within the Knowledge Base

Getting started guides, Training videos, foundational concepts, and example use cases

Query Language and Functions, APIs, Variables and Special Configuration

Frequently Asked Questions, including common queries and tips on using Humio software

Security Disclosures, Humio and Third-party License information

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The sections above apply to the Stable version of Humio software. Functionality available within Cloud and Preview releases are also available separately. Documentation for previous versions is also available.

For the release notes for any version, see Releases.