Authenticating with Google Sign-In

Security Requirements and Controls

Detailed setup instructions can be found in the Integrating Google Sign-In into your web app Google page.

  1. Create a Project from the Google Developer Console,

  2. Create an OAuth Client ID on the Credentials Page,

  3. Add an Authorized redirect URI: %PUBLIC_URL%/auth/google

    where %PUBLIC_URL% is the same value as LogScale is configured with. This can be http://localhost:8080/auth/google during development. Login will fail if the redirect_uri is not set correctly.

  4. Once your app is created you can configure LogScale to authenticate with Google, like this:

    GOOGLE_OAUTH_CLIENT_ID=$CLIENT_ID #The client_id from your Google OAuth App
    GOOGLE_OAUTH_CLIENT_SECRET=$CLIENT_SECRET The #client_secret your Google OAuth App
    AUTO_CREATE_USER_ON_SUCCESSFUL_LOGIN=true  # default is false

    Read more about LogScale Configuration Parameters.