Calculates a geohash value given two fields representing latitude and longitude.

asstringoptional[a]_geohash The name of the field that is produced by the function.
latstringoptional[a] The field to use for latitude.
lonstringoptional[a]ip.lon The field to use for longitude.
precisionnumberoptional[a]12 The precision to use in the calculation. Usually 12 is enough.

[a] Optional parameters use their default value unless explicitly set

geohash() Examples

Calculate the geohash value of a set of coordinates.

geohash(lat=myLatField, lon=myLonField)

This example computes the geohash for Greenwich:

| lon:=0.0
| g:=geohash(lat=lat, lon=lon)

The result is gcpuzgrbxvrc.