Accessing the Deployed GCP LogScale Instance

To access the deployed cluster:

Configure DNS

To access the HumioCluster as well as allow cert-manager to generate a valid certificate for the cluster, there must be a DNS record added for $INGRESS_HOSTNAME which point to the NLB name of the ingress service. To get the NLB name of the ingress service, run:

export INGRESS_SERVICE_HOSTNAME=$(kubectl get service nginx-ingress-ingress-nginx-controller -n nginx-ingress -o template --template "{{ range (index .status.loadBalancer.ingress 0) }}{{.}}{{ end }}")

Configuring the DNS record depends on your DNS provider. If using AWS Route53, create an Alias record which points directly to the INGRESS_SERVICE_HOSTNAME. For other providers, create a CNAME which points them to the INGRESS_SERVICE_HOSTNAME.

Logging In

Once the DNS records exist, you can now open https://${INGRESS_HOSTNAME} in a browser and login. Since we are using single-user authentication mode, the username will be user and the password can be obtained by running:

$ kubectl get secret
     humio-cluster-single-user-password -n logging -o=template
     --template={{.data.password}} | base64 -D


This command uses base64 -D, but you may need to use base64 --decode if using Linux.