Introduced Version1.36
Description Proxy configuration applied to all bucket storage backends or not

This variable controls whether the proxy configuration in the environment is applied to all bucket storage backends. The intent is to allow users to configure buckets in multiple bucket services, for instance to allow migrating from AWS bucket storage to a local S3 service.

Below is an example of how to set this option in the configuration file.


When set to true, each bucket preserves the active proxy/endpoint configuration and a change to those will trigger the creation of a fresh, internally persisted, bucket storage access configuration.

Also, when true, each bucket in global can have a separate endpoint configuration, as defined in S3_STORAGE_ENDPOINT_BASE and similar configurations. This allows an existing cluster running against AWS S3 to begin uploading segments to an on-prem S3 by switching the endpoint base, while still keeping access to existing segments in AWS.

When false (default), the endpoint base configuration is applied to all existing buckets on boot. This is intended for cases where the base URL needs to be changed for all bucket, for instance due to the introduction of a proxy.