Description Specifies the number of CPU cores for the machine running LogScale
DefaultAvailable Processors

You can specify the number of processors for the machine running LogScale by setting the CORES property. LogScale uses this number when parallelizing queries and other internal tasks.

By default, LogScale uses the Java availableProcessors function to get the number of CPU cores. This is usually the optimal number. Be aware that the auto-detected number can be too high when running in a containerized environment where the JVM does not always detect the proper number of cores.

Derived from the number of CPU cores, LogScale internally sets QUERY_EXECUTOR_CORES and DIGEST_EXECUTOR_CORES to half that number (but a minimum of 2) to reduce pressure on context switching due to hyper-threading since the number of CPU cores usually include hyperthreads. If the number of cores set through CORES is the number of actual physical cores and not hyperthreads, you may want to set these to the same number as CORES.


Raising this number above the default may lead to an unstable and slow system due to context switching costs growing to a point where no real work gets done when the system gets loaded, while it may appear to work fine when not fully utilized.