Description Sets a limit to the percentage of disk full

This is used to set a limit to the percentage of disk full.


These settings only take effect when S3/GCP storage is enabled. It allows LogScale to delete files from the local storage in using the assumption that it can fetch the file from S3/GCP if it needs it at some point. Fetching the file from S3/GCP is much slower than using local storage. Segment files will be deleted in a least recently used order, in order to hit the configured fill target.

In clusters where USING_EPHEMERAL_DISKS is true, setting LOCAL_STORAGE_PERCENTAGE enables prefetching on node recovery, meaning that when a node with an empty disk boots into the cluster, it will start fetching from bucket storage to fill its disk.


With larger drive sizes, set LOCAL_STORAGE_PERCENTAGE to some number close to but smaller than 100 (e.g. 93) to avoid wasted storage.