Description Minimum number of days to keep a fresh segment file before it is deleted locally

This option is used to set the minimum number of days to keep a fresh segment file before allowing it to be deleted locally after it's uploaded to bucket storage. Setting such a lower bound can help ensure that recent files are kept on disk, even if they would otherwise be evicted due to queries on older data.


Mini segment files are kept in any case until their merge result also exists. The age is determined using the timestamp of the most recent event in the file. Be sure to leave plenty of free space for the system to manage as a mix of recent and old files. Note, minimum age takes precedence over the fill percentage. So increasing this implies the risk of overflowing the local file system.

These settings only take effect when S3/GCP storage is enabled. Note, this allows LogScale to delete files from the local storage in using the assumption that it can fetch the file from S3/GCP if it needs it at some point. Fetching the file from S3/GCP is much slower than using local storage. Segment files will be deleted in a least recently used order, in order to hit the configured fill target.