String Query Functions

LogScale's string functions allow for string data within events to be extracted, combined or modified.

Table: String Query Functions

FunctionDefault ArgumentAvailabilityDescription
concat([as], field)field  Concatenates the values of a list of fields into a value in a new field.
concatArray([as], field, [from], [prefix], [separator], [suffix], [to])field  Concatenates values of all fields with same name and an array suffix into a new field.
length([as], field)field  Computes the number of characters in a string field.
lowercase(field, [include], [locale])field  Changes field name or content to lowercase for parsers.
match([column], field, file, [glob], [ignoreCase], [include], [mode], [strict])file  Searches text using a CSV or JSON file and can enhance entries.
regex([field], [flags], [limit], regex, [repeat], [strict])regex  Extracts new fields using a regular expression.
replace([as], [field], [flags], regex, [replacement], [with])regex  Replaces each substring that matches given regular expression with given replacement.
split([field], [strip])field  Splits an event structure created by a JSON array into distinct events.
splitString([as], by, [field], [index])field  Splits a string by specifying a regular expression by which to split.
stripAnsiCodes([as], field)field  Removes ANSI color codes and movement commands.
tokenHash([as], field)field  Calculates a structure hash which is equal for similarly structured input.
transpose([column], [header], [limit], [pivot])pivot  Transposes a query results set by creating an event for each attribute.