Query Monitor — Query Details

The Query Details panel displays detailed information about the query, including the full query text execution context:

Query Monitor Query Details Panel

Figure 11. Query Monitor Query Details Panel

  • Client Type

    The type of the client that initiated the query, for example Dashboards or a User query.

  • Coordinator Node

    The coordinator node that coordinated the execution of the query.

  • Initiated By

    The user that initiated the query.

  • Internal Id

    The unique internal Id for the query execution.

  • Query

    The text of the Query.

  • Query Prefix

    The prefix applied to the query.

  • Query Args

    Any arguments applied to the query as part of a widget or dashboard.

  • Time Interval

    The time interval used when the query was executed. For example, in a dashboard or search environment this will match the time interval setting.

  • Time Zone Offset Minutes

    The time zone offset for the query from the configured cluster time.

  • View

    The view or repository for the query.