Search Status

The Status bar at the very bottom of the User Interface provides information on the status of a search.

  • Query status indicates whether the query execution is completed.

  • Execution time indicates the time spent on running the query. The more specific you can be when writing a query, the fewer results LogScale will have to sort through and the faster the query will run.

  • Hits are the number of events actually visited by the first aggregate, not to be misled by the total number of events returned. For example, in a query that specifies a certain number of events in the tail() function, should there be any filter specified before that function, then the number of actual hits for that query is given by the filter, not by the function.

  • Speed is the query speed in terms of GB per second.

  • EPS (Events per Second), number of events hit each second.

  • Work indicates the cost of a query in terms of CPU usage and memory allocation combined. Can be used as benchmark value to compare two different queries. The lower the work, the better the query.

  • Completion shows the percentage of completion of the running query.