Add a Query to Blocklist

There are multiple ways you can block a query:

  • Use the Block & Kill panel of the Query Monitor page.

  • Explicitly add a block based on a query string or regular expression on the Blocklist page.

To add a query to the blocklist you must have root authorization.

  • Go to the Blocklist page.

  • Click the + Add Item button.

  • You will be prompted to define the block:

    Query Administration Adding a Block

    Figure 15. Query Administration Adding a Block

    • Select the Pattern Type, either Regular Expression or Exact Match.

    • Enter the matching pattern or exact query into the Pattern box.

  • Click Next.

  • You will be prompted to select the repo to which the block applies. If you do not select a repository, the query will be applied across all repositories. You can search for repositories, or select the matching repository from the list provided. You cannot select multiple repositories.

    Query Administration Adding a Block Repository Selection

    Figure 16. Query Administration Adding a Block Repository Selection

  • Click Block Query.


If you cancel the process, you will be warned that the query block specification will be lost.

Queries that are currently running and match the new pattern are stopped immediately and prevented from running until this entity on the blocklist is removed by an administrator.