Monitoring Alerts

Once created and configured, Alerts do not need to be managed. The alerts will run continuously and trigger actions until disabled or deleted.

The list of alerts shows summary information for each configured alert:

  • The name of the alert is provided at the top.

  • The Alert type shows the alert type and Action prompt shows the list of the currently configured actions.

  • The final line shows the current status of the alert. High-level indication is first by colour:

    • A grey circle indicates that the alert is disabled or that no actions have been assigned.

    • A green circle indicates that the alert is functioning normally.

    • A red circle indicates that an error has occurred.

    The circle indicate will then be combined with a text description of the status:

    • Okay — Alert is enabled with no errors

    • Disabled — Alert is disabled

    • Error — An error has occurred, edit the alert to see the error message (see Editing an Alert)

    • No actions assigned — no actions have been configured for the alert.

The final section provides detail on when the alert was Last triggered, either showing the duration or indicating the alert has never been triggered.

In addition, when editing an alert (see Editing an Alert), the status of the alert, and its last trigger status will be displayed on the Edit alert page.

For more information on errors and warnings and potential causes, see Diagnosing Alerts. For information on monitoring Alert execution through the humio repository, see Monitor Alerts with humio-activity Repository.