Action Type: VictorOps (Splunk On-Call)

Security Requirements and Controls

LogScale supports VictorOps Alerts through our Action system. To create a VictorOps Action you need to create a Service in your VictorOps Account.

You do that by performing the following steps:

  1. Open SettingsAlert BehaviourIntegrations.

  2. Select Humio in the list of integrations and select Enable Integration.

  3. Copy the Service API Endpoint URL.

Back in LogScale, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Open the Repository or View for which you want to configure an Action.

  2. Select AlertsActionNew Action.

  3. In the Action Type drop down, select VictorOps.

  4. Give the Action a name, such as VictorOps Critical.

  5. Paste the Service API Endpoint URL from VictorOps into the Service API Endpoint field, and ensure to replace $routing_key at the end with the actual routing key you intend to use — view or configure route keys in VictorOps from SettingsAlert Behaviour → Routing Keys.

  6. Click Create Action.

Your VictorOps Action is now fully configured and ready to use. Incidentally, you can create multiple VictorOps Actions if you have multiple Alerting channels.

See VictorOps Integration Guide for more information.

Next, you might want to configure an alert, see Creating Alerts on how to do it.