Falcon Long Term Repository (FLTR) In-Product Tutorial

CrowdStrike provides an overview of the LogScale UI and an opportunity to learn more about getting insights from your logs with the FLTR in-product tutorial. Using sample data, this tutorial shows you how to complete basic tasks using LogScale when access to large datasets like FLTR are available. The tutorial is available to FLTR users and is hosted in the CrowdStrike data center. This tutorial contains:

  • A comprehensive overview of conducting investigations using FLTR data

  • Instruction for how to visualize your data, and

  • Example building queries that meet your unique needs.

The data for this tutorial is sourced from a sample Falcon instance, and ingested through our infrastructure. The data doesn't count towards your endpoint usage.

Where to Find the In-Product Tutorial

To access the tutorial:

  1. Log in to the FLTR LogScale environment through your subdomain.

  2. After logging in, navigate to the Help icon at the top right of the screen.

  3. Select Tutorials.

  4. Select the tutorial you want from the available choices.

  5. To start, click any option to begin the tutorial.