LogScale Collector Managing your Fleet

LogScale Collector Data ingest tab provides a set of functionalities which allow you to monitor and manage a fleet of collector instances.

There are two different approaches to managing your fleet, you can either use;

  • Fleet Management with Remote Configuration Management (recommended method) which allows you to monitor the status of your instances and;

    • manage your configuration files using an editor which validates the file as you type,

    • reuse configurations across groups of collectors which also means you can roll out a change to multiple instances easily,

    • extend configurations

    • test out new configurations without impacting log collection.

  • Fleet Management with Local Configuration files this method allows you to monitor the status of your LogScale collector instances but manage the configuration files manually.

You can also use these pages to perform the steps required work with LogScale Collector locally or remotely (using centralized management):

Fleet Overview

Figure 14. Fleet Overview