Search & Queries Tutorial

Learning how to write queries is essential to effectively using LogScale, and are the building blocks on which alerts, widgets, and ultimately dashboards, are built. Writing an effective query is a key skill that will support these other activities.

This tutorial will teach you the following:

  • Introduce and define LogScale's query syntax and the 'query editor'

  • Instruct you on how to manage your queries

  • Define best practices for query writing, readability, and usage

  • Give examples for common LogScale queries and how to design them yourself

graph LR; A["Install and Configure LogScale"]--> B B["Create a Repository"]--> C C["Configure Data Ingest"]--> D D["Parse and Filter Data"]--> E E["Enrich Data"]--> F F["Query Data"] style F fill:#A17CA0,color:#fff

Figure 10. Process graph