The LogScale Web UI can display a dashboard, a collection of different widgets. A widget is a tool for displaying information and different widgets can display information in different formats. For example, a bar chart, graph, or gauge. A dashboard is made up of multiple widgets. Each widget can have its own query and the dashboard can either show data for the same time range across all widgets or use a different time for each.

The sample dashboard below is from the internal humio/insights package and provides information about errors within the LogScale system itself.

Screen shot of a sample LogScale dashboard showing bar chart, time chart and table widgets

Figure 11. Dashboards in LogScale

There are many different widgets available, including:

Dashboards can be used to provide a summarized view of the information, either for monitoring, or for providing wall monitors in admin and security centers.

Dashboards can also be shared with other users, and even with people that do not have an explicit login to LogScale.