LogScale with Your Data

After starting your LogScale Cloud account and going through The Interactive Tutorial, you're ready to try LogScale with your data. The steps to doing that, as well as playing with the data, are as follows:

Configure Log Shippers. You'll have to prepare your server to send data to LogScale Cloud. This step involves installing a utility on your server or using our Log Collector. It should be easy, though, since you can use an installation program like yum or apt-get. Mostly, you'll have to add some lines to a couple of configuration files — in particular LogScale Cloud's address and an authentication token.

Search a Repository. You'll do some simple searches in your LogScale Cloud instance.

Create a Widget. You'll see how to create your first widget.

Configure a Dashboard. In the last part of this introduction to LogScale, you'll assemble a simple dashboard to store some basic queries for monitoring your server. You'll learn how to configure and arrange a dashboard.