Writing and Managing Queries

Writing Queries

To write a new query in LogScale:

  1. Go to the 'Repositories and Views' page, then select a repository or view.

  2. Type one or more search terms in the query editor and click 'Run' or 'enter'.

  3. Adjust the size of the query editor by click-and-dragging manually, or clicking the arrows on the right to make it fit the query if needed.

  4. Search results will appear in the 'Event list' below.

For a comprehensive list of LogScale's query functions with descriptions, visit our documentation here: Query Functions

Saving Queries

Queries can also be saved for future use:

  1. Click on the Save pull-down menu at the top right above the main panel.

  2. Select the Saved Query option.

  3. In the Save query popup menu, specify whether the query is overwriting an existing query.

  4. Name the query, then click 'Save'.

Note: Saving a query does not save the resulting data set.

Recalling Recent and Saved Queries

You can recall recently run queries or saved queries from the Queries pull-down menu: