LogScale Operational Architecture

LogScale has many different internal operational procedures that are required to support ingest, digest, storage and query the data. These are operational parts of a LogScale deployment. Although these systems may depend on elements of the logical and physical aspects of LogScale, the operational architecture describes how all of the different components work together.

This section covers the way LogScale operates:

  • Critical to understanding LogScale architecture and how it stores and retrieves data is the principle of Index-Free Data Storage. This approach impacts all the other parts of the LogScale system, from how data is ingested and stored, to the methods used for searching, and how data is replicated and distributed both on LogScale nodes and bucket storage.

  • For information on how LogScale accepts, ingests and stores data across the cluster, read the Ingesting Data. The ingestion process is split into a number of distinct phases that manage the process and ensure that LogScale stores data effectively and ensures that the storage of that data is managed and aligned with the requirements for searching the data.