Group Synchronization

Alternatively you can rely on a one-way synchronizing of group memberships upon user login. Group synchronization is a 1:1 mapping; multiple groups mapping to the same external mapping name is not supported.

In order to map a group name from an external system such as LDAP to a LogScale group you can specify a Mapping name in the External provider tab:

Group Synchronization

Figure 73. Group Synchronization

When a user who is a member of the above LDAP group logs in to LogScale, they will be a member of the LogScale group that defines the mapping. In the current version of LogScale a user will remain a member of the LogScale groups from the last login until they log in again with a new set of groups.

For specific instructions on how to setup group synchronization for the different authentication mechanisms go to the Configuring Security overview page and select a relevant entry.