Ingesting FDR Data

LogScale can ingest Falcon Data Replicator (FDR) data into LogScale without having to configure log shippers.

Ingesting FDR data can be used with self-cloud LogScale clusters. For cloud customers, please contact the support team.


Non-FDR data should not be ingested into an FDR repository.

To configure FDR ingest:

Once the data has been ingested, you can examine the information using Ingest FDR Data.

Getting Insights from FDR Data

Once you have some FDR data ingested into LogScale, you can use the LogScale query language and other assorted features to get a deeper insight into your data.

In addition to containing the FDR parser the crowdstrike/fdr package also contains various queries, dashboards and alerts that can help you get started on getting insights from your FDR data.


The number of events ingested per feed per repository can be seen in the metric LogScale Metrics.