Action Type: PagerDuty

Security Requirements and Controls

PagerDuty Action is based on PagerDuty that LogScale supports through the action system.

Configuring PagerDuty Action

Figure 180. Configuring PagerDuty Action

To create a PagerDuty action, you must first go to PagerDuty and create a service in your Account. You need to have administrative privileges in PagerDuty.

  1. Go to PagerDuty and follow the configuration steps described at PagerDuty Integration Guide. You will need to take note of the Integration Key generated during this procedure as we'll be using it in LogScale when setting up the action.

  2. Go to LogScale and create a new PagerDuty action as described in Creating Actions.

  3. Fill in the PagerDuty action parameters as required (see table below). Pay special attention in pasting the Integration Key from PagerDuty into the PagerDuty Integration Key field in LogScale.

Parameter Description
Name The name provided for the PagerDuty action.
Severity The severity level chosen for the PagerDuty action. Valid options are: critical, error, warning, info.
PagerDuty Integration Key Where to copy the Integration Key generated in PagerDuty.

Your PagerDuty action is now fully configured and ready to use. Incidentally, you can create multiple PagerDuty actions if you have multiple alerting channels.

We also offer an PagerDuty Action Package package which provides a template for a webhook action, so you can customize elements of the actions.