FAQ: Why does my Bucket Storage Size indicate larger value than LogScale UI

The bucket storage size figure quoted within LogScale is based on the raw (actual) value of the data stored.

Data stored in object storage such as S3 will be different due to one or more of the following:

  • Data stored within object storage systems will have a metadata overhead. Within Amazon S3 this can be as much as 40KB.

  • Data stored will be rounded up to the nearest block size. Amazon S3 rounds to the nearest 8KB block; storing just 1 byte of data will require 8KB. Amazon S3 Glacier rounds up to the nearest 128KB block.

  • Encryption algorithms may increase the size of the data stored to accommodate the encoding and encryption.

  • LogScale lets files stored in the bucket remain for 7 days after marking the files deleted. This is to allow recovery (undeletion) of the bucket.

The combination of these factors could mean each file stored within Amazon could need up to 168KB on top of the actual storage requirements.