Troubleshooting: MaxMind IP Location DB Not Updating

Condition or Error

The query resulted in a warning, alert will not trigger. No MaxMind IP Location DB is currently available


  • The MaxMind IP database is not being updated regularly, or is missing.


  • Check the following items:

    • Check the LogScale humio repository for MaxMind update entries; if there are errors or issues with loading the database, they will be listed here. To search for the information, use this query:

    • Check that LogScale instance has access to the internet so that the MaxMind database can be updated.

    • Check the setting of the AUTO_UPDATE_MAXMIND variable; if set to false the MaxMind database will not be automatically updated.

    • Check the automatic update setting as shown in MaxMind Configuration.

    • Try manually updating the database as shown in MaxMind Configuration.