Description Used to support auto-grouping of tags

LogScale supports auto-grouping of tags using this configuration variable and MAX_DISTINCT_TAG_VALUES variable.

LogScale checks the number of distinct values for each key in each tag combination against MAX_DISTINCT_TAG_VALUES at regular intervals. If this threshold is exceeded, a new grouping rule is added with the modulus set to the value defined in TAG_HASHING_BUCKETS, but only if there is no rule for that tag key.

You can configure rules using the Cluster Management API and decide the number of buckets there. This is preferable to auto-detecting, as the auto-detection works after the fact and thus leaves a large number of unused data sources that will need to get deleted by retention at some point. The auto-grouping support is meant as a safety measure to avoid suddenly creating many data sources by mistake for a single tag key.

See the Cluster Management API documentation page for more information.