Action Type: OpsGenie

Security Requirements and Controls

OpsGenie Action is based on OpsGenie, an alert routing and incident management system that works well with LogScale.

Configuring OpsGenie Action

Figure 180. Configuring OpsGenie Action

  1. Go to OpsGenie and add a LogScale API integration in your account: follow the procedure at the OpsGenie support page Integrate Opsgenie with LogScale on how to do it.

  2. Go to LogScale and create a new OpsGenie action as described in Creating Actions.

  3. Fill in the OpsGenie action parameters as required (see table below)

Parameter Description
Name The name provided for the OpsGenie action.
API URL URL used for the API integration.
OpsGenie API Key Where to copy the API key generated in OpsGenie while adding the LogScale integration.

Your OpsGenie action is now fully configured and ready to use.

An OpsGenie Action package is also available, which provides a template for a webhook action thus to customize elements of the action.