Unsupported Regular Expression Patterns

The following regular expression patterns and syntax are not supported in LogScale.

Table: Unsupported Regular Expression Patterns

Pattern Group Syntax Notes
\u{hh..hh} The character with hexadecimal value 0xhh..hh  
\N{name} The unicode character named name.  
\e The escape character  
\C A single byte even in UTF-8 mode  
[a-d[m-p]] Intersecting character ranges (a through d or m through p (union))  
[[:name:]] Named ASCII class inside character class  
\h A horizontal whitespace character  
\H A non-horizontal whitespace character: [^\h]  
\v A vertical whitespace character  
\V A non-vertical whitespace character  
\p{...} POSIX and Unicode character classes Includes \p{Lower}, \p{Upper}, \p{ASCII}, \p{Alpha}, \p{Digit}, \p{Alnum}, \p{Punct}, \p{Graph}, \p{Print}, \p{Blank}, \p{Xdigit}, \p{Space}, \p{IsLatin}, \p{InGreek}, \p{IsLatin}, \p{InGreek}, \p{Lu}, \p{IsAlphabetic}, \p{Sc}, \P{InGreek}, [\p{L}&&[^\p{Lu}]]
\b{…} A Unicode boundary of specified type  
\G The end of the previous match  
\R Any Unicode linebreak sequence  
\X Any Unicode extended grapheme cluster  
X?+ X, once or not at all, possessive  
X*+ X, zero or more times, possessive  
X++ X, one or more times, possessive  
X{n}+ X, exactly n times, possessive  
\k<name> Named backreference  
X{n,}+ X, at least n times, possessive  
X{n,m}+ X, at least n times but not more than m times, possessive  
(?<=X) X, as a zero-width positive lookbehind  
(?<!X) X, as a zero-width negative lookbehind  
(?>X) X, as an independent, non-capturing (atomic) group.