A helper function to produce data compatible with the World Map widget. It takes either ip-addresses or lat/lon as input and buckets points using a geohashing algorithm.

ipstringoptional[a]  The field containing the ip-address to look up geo-coordinates for.
latstringoptional[a]  A field containing the latitude to use for geohash bucketing.
lonstringoptional[a]  A field containing the longitude to use for geohash bucketing.
magnitudeAggregateoptional[a]count(as=_count) A function used to calculate the magnitude (weight) of each bucket. This value is used to determine the size or opacity of the world map markers.
precisionnumberoptional[a]4 The precision to use in the calculation of the embedded geohash. Usually 4 is fine for a full globe, 12 is for a small area of zoom.

[a] Optional parameters use their default value unless explicitly set

worldMap() Examples

Plot ip-addresses on the world map. The magnitude is the number of observations in each bucket (the default).


Plot existing geo-coordinates (latitude/longitude) on the world map. The worldMap() function will automatically bucket the locations to reduce the number of points.

worldMap(lat=location.latitude, lon=location.longitude)

Plot ip addresses on the world map and use average latency as magnitude of the points.

worldMap(ip=myIpField, magnitude=avg(latency))