Managing Scheduled Reports

Scheduled reports can be managed from the Scheduled reports page. To access:

  1. Navigate to the Automation tab of your repository or view

  2. Select Scheduled reports from the left navigation menu. If the option is grayed out, ensure to have the Create Scheduled Reports permission. For more information, see Scheduled Reports Security.

The Scheduled reports page allows you to:

  • Review the list of all reports created in the repository or view

  • Use the quick filters on top to search the list by:

    • Source dashboard

    • Label

    • Status

    • Created/edited by

    • Search... box that filters the list by report name

  • Create a new scheduled report using the +New Scheduled Report button

  • Manage reports: pause, resume or delete reports

  • Edit reports.

The reports' list show the following attributes:

  • Status — status of the last report job, one of:

    • Pending report is scheduled to start in the future.

    • OK no detected problems

    • Warning warnings detected, open the side panel to inspect

    • Error errors detected, open the side panel to inspect

    • Disabled disabled status is displayed in two scenarios:

      • the report has been disabled by the user, or the scheduled end time is in the past

      • the report encountered a configuration error (for example, the source dashboard was deleted)

  • Name — name of the scheduled report

  • Dashboard — source dashboard used for the report

  • Last report attempt — last time the report was triggered

  • Next report scheduled — date and time when the next report is scheduled to run

  • Created by— user who created or edited the report

  • Labels — list of the labels assigned to the report

  • Three-dot menu to pause, resume or delete the report.