Description Public URL where LogScale instance is reachable from a browser

The PUBLIC_URL is the URL where the LogScale instance is reachable from a browser. Trailing slashes in the URL are discarded.

This property is only important if you plan to use OAuth Federated Login, Auth0 Login, or if you want to be able to have messages from Actions have consistent links back to the LogScale User Interface. For the latter, you can also use ACTION_LINK_BASE_URL.


Users or browsers will use this URL to reach the server. It's used to create links to the server. It's important to set this property when using OAuth authentication or alerts.

For example, in a three node cluster, as shown below:

graph LR; P["LB Proxy"] HA["Host A"] HB["Host B"] HC["Host C"] P-->HA P-->HB P-->HC

The EXTERNAL_URL should be set on each host to match the hostname of that node, and PUBLIC_URL should be set to the URL of the Load Balancing proxy server (LB Proxy).

It's not a problem if the URL is only reachable behind a VPN, as the user's browser can still access it.