Function Types and Arguments

Functions within LogScale are identified by their grouping that indicates the type of operation the function performs on the event stream. For example, Aggregate Functions combine or summarize information.

Function Types

Table: Functions Types

Function TypeDescription
aggregateGrouping, summarizing or aggregating data across events
arrayExtract, create and manipulate items embedded in arrays, or to interpret arrays, within events
comparisonComparing or manipulating information
conditionSelecting or choosing expressions or execution of expressions
data-manipulationManipulate or update data in fields across events
eventEvent creation, modification, or manipulation of an event or field
filterFilter events or field data
formatFormat field data such as dates, times or numbers
geolocationLookup or identify the location
hashGenerate or verify hashes
joinJoin events across different repositories
mathBasic and advanced math and calulcations
networkNetwork identification, extracting, or matching
parsingParsing complex or embedded data such as JSON or XML
regular-expressionExecute regular expression matches against event fields
securityFunctions for security tasks
statisticsStatistical generation, such as minimum, maximum, average across event data
stringString manipulation, combination or matching
time-dateTime and date functions for extracting, calculating or comparing time and date values
widgetFunctions for creating and formatting widgets