Security Requirements and Controls

Widgets are the main elements of dashboards in the User Interface. Think of them as ways of showing data in different forms, customized according to your needs to get results that would offer meaningful sights of your data.

For example, you may want to: monitor server activities by seeing the data progress in a live chart; collect the results as listed in a table; or simply count the occurrences of an event.

You can achieve all this by creating and modifying various types of widget — go to Managing Widgets page for instructions on how to do it.

The list below introduces all the available widgets — click on the names for more information about a particular widget, such as examples of queries that can be used along with that widget, input formats, or a description of its properties.

  • Bar Chart Widget

    Visualizes results of the aggregated data — even the results with multiple aggregates.

  • Event List Widget

    Displays data entries coming into LogScale. It's the default way to view data.

  • Gauge Widget

    Displays a single number, a total for a search result (e.g., number of errors for day).

  • Heat Map Widget

    Displays a central variable of interest across two-axis variables.

  • Note Widget

    Can contain usage descriptions, user guides and dynamic links to other systems.

  • Pie Chart Widget

    Views aggregated data, similar to the Bar Chart Widget and shows a visual image of the data as a whole, and proportionally for each component.

  • Sankey Diagram Widget

    Shows results as a two-level Sankey diagram.

  • Single Value Widget

    Displays a single value as the outcome of a search result, can be a number or a non-numeric value.

  • Scatter Chart Widget

    Correlates two or more sets of different numerical values.

  • Table Widget

    Shows the results of a search in a list with labels or field names and values for each.

  • Time Chart Widget

    Displays time series data on a timeline. Used most frequently, working with this widget is a good skill to master when first using LogScale.

  • World Map Widget

    Displays a map of the world indicating values for each location.