Exporting Dashboards as PDF

Dashboards can be exported as a PDF file, so you can archive, print or distribute it. The PDF will contain the snapshot of the dashboard, including current time range and parameters selection.

There are 2 layouts supported: list and grid.

  • Choose the List option to create a page with one widget per row, suitable for tables and event lists. This choice ensures that additional rows, even those hidden by pagination, can be printed. Adjust the Widget settings: Maximum number of rows to control the number of rows included (the limit is 1,000).

  • Opt for the Grid option to create a landscape page mirroring the dashboard's widget layout. This option is recommended for dashboards with multiple charts, it's perfect for conveying a wealth of information on a single page.

Example export using "Grid" layout:

To export the dashboard as a PDF:

  1. Navigate to the dashboard that you want to export.

  2. Click on the icon at the top right of dashboard and choose Export as PDF report.

  3. Afterward, a PDF report preview will appear. You can customize it further with PDF Export Options.

  4. Once the report is generated, the Export button will activate. Clicking Export will activate the browser Print dialog where you can either print the report directly, or save the report as a PDF file.


Before exporting, ensure that the margins in the Print or Page Setup dialog are set to Default .