System Requirements

When installing LogScale self-install within your own environment there are system requirements for the deployment. These requirements include:

  • Operating System — Operating systems for bare metal deployment.

  • Browsers — Web browsers used to interact with and use the LogScale dashboard.

  • Java — Java Virtual machines and variants for running LogScale server.

  • Kafka — Kafka for running LogScale server.

Operating System

LogScale is designed to operate on a Linux-based Operating System, with assumptions made about the environment and capabilities consistent with Linux infrastructure.

The following Linux distributions are known to work:

  • Debian-based distributions, including Ubuntu

  • RedHat-based distributions


LogScale works within the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome — the two most recent versions

The following browsers should work but are not officially supported:

  • Apple Safari — at least the three most recent versions

  • Mozilla Firefox — at least the three most recent versions

Operation with other browsers is unknown and not officially supported.


LogScale requires Java. Customers deploying LogScale using the Docker containers will receive a bundled JDK and do not need to take account of the Java compatibility.

Customers deploying using other methods will need to use their own JDK. We recommend that you install the latest LTS (Long Term Support) JDK for deployment. For compatibility, we retain support for older JDK versions to allow users time to upgrade. The currently supported JDK releases compared to our LogScale product releases are shown in the table below. Release Notes for each version will also list the minimum supported JDK.

Minimum JDK VersionVersion Range
17current1.107.0 to current

We will announce the cessation of support for any LTS JDK version 6 months ahead of time on Deprecated Features.

We operate Starting with LogScale Cloud using the Azul-provided Zulu JVM. Our Docker container also uses this JVM. For information on which JDK is supported and used in each release, see Release Notes.

Other JVMs

The following JVM distributions may work, but have not been tested or validated.

  • Open J9

    We've not yet qualified LogScale on OpenJ9 (vs HotSpot) and so cannot recommend using it as yet.

  • Azul Zing

    We have tried Zing 11 and in our testing thus far the C4 (or GPGC) garbage collector and Falcon C2 JIT work, providing predictable, low pause collections and efficient execution.

  • Oracle's Graal and SubstrateVM

    Is an interesting alternative to the C2 HotSpot JIT in the OpenJDK. It is not yet supported for production use with LogScale. We plan to investigate and support it as it matures.


LogScale recommends that the latest Kafka version be used with your LogScale deployment. The latest version of Kafka is available at Kafka Downloads.

Your Kafka deployment should be upgraded at least once per year and not be more than eighteen (18) months old to ensure the best compatibility.

At a minimum, LogScale requires to run on Kafka version 2.4.1 and greater and it is usually tested against the latest Kafka version. For more information, see Install Kafka.