Security Policies

Security policies enable administrators to configure additional levels of security around specific areas of functionality within LogScale. By setting a security policy, access to specific features can either be switched off entirely, or provided only from specific networks or hosts, or with controls over how they can be used. For example, Dashboard Security policies allow you to configure whether shared dashboards are allowed; Email action security policies control whether email actions are allowed and which email addresses can be used as destination addresses.

Some of the security policies work within your organization in combination with the IP Filters functionality to limit access.

The Security Policies available include:

  • Once you have created a group and assigned users to it, assign permissions via API tokens (see API Token Security Policies).

    API tokens provide granular access control for specific API operations. Security policies limit the availability of each token group, duration and IP filter supported.

  • Dashboard Security Policies

    Dashboard security policies control the ability to create shared read-only dashboards and the IP filter used.

  • Actions Security Policies

    Alerts and scheduled searches may trigger an action that for example sends an email or communicates with a third party tool. Security Policies for Actions may limit the extent of the integration, or the URLs or emails that can be used with the action.