Different Visuals

You can display the data in different types of charts and tables.

  1. On the Repositories and Views page, click on the desired view or repository.

    Repositories and Views Page

    Figure 69. Repositories and Views Page

  2. On the Search page, click the Widget dropdown (top left corner), to select which display type to use (default is Event List). Be aware that not all data is compatible with all display types. Incompatible data for a chart/table is specified on the menu.

    Display Data Menu

    Figure 70. Display Data Menu

  3. Click the Format icon (the brush) (Tool panel right hand-side of the User Interface above the Event list) to expand the Format panel — you can change the style of the data displayed (option available depending on the query and the resulting chart):

    Changing the Chart Style

    Figure 71. Changing the Chart Style

  4. Click the double arrows to collapse the Format panel.

    Format Panel

    Figure 72. Format Panel