PDF Export Options

The following options are available when exporting a PDF report:

  • Layout

    The orientation of the widget display:

    • List

      Implies a sequential layout, one widget per width of the page, available in either Portrait or Landscape orientation.

    • Grid

      Implies grid layout, with multiple widgets across the width of the page. Available only in Landscape orientation.

  • Orientation

    The orientation of the report; either Portrait or Landscape.

  • Paper size

    Letter or A4.

  • Report front page

    • Dashboard title

      The dashboard title. You can enter a custom title in the field underneath the checkbox.

    • Dashboard description

      The dashboard description.

  • Widget settings

    The maximum number of rows to be displayed for table widgets can be set to limit the size of the report.

  • Headers and footers

    Configures the information displayed on each page header or footer.

    • Dashboard title

      The title of the dashboard.

    • Export date

      The data where the PDF reported was created.

    • Page numbers

      A page number showing the page and total number of pagers.


Selecting and deselecting these different values may affect the overall number of graphs that may be displayed on each page.